Beloved One,

Blessings and a very warm welcome to this Place of Light which was created with love to

  • share life-changing spiritual knowledge and wisdom
  • offer holistic methods of treatment
  • offer a platform for spiritually minded and loving people to connect, discuss, share, learn and grow together as well as support each other

Here you will find divine therapies, powerful teachings and a wealth of information about spirituality that will allow you to bring transformation and healing into your life.

We live in a fast-paced society where values have gone astray. It is a time of constant change in which we all face many challenges. Actively practising spirituality has helped me to cope with life tasks and restore harmony within. It has also enabled me to create a joyful, well-balanced and prosperous life. I am now passionate about showing others how to do the same.

My purpose is to inspire, educate and empower you to reach your highest potential, live in your true power and consequently live a life that honours your soul.

I care deeply about people, and as such I will gladly use my healing and psychic abilities for your benefit, share the practical tools I use myself and provide you with resources and valuable information, in the hope that it will help you to enrich your own life. So if you

  • wish to bring more lightness and joy into your life
  • wish to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health
  • would like to restore your inner harmony and balance
  • wish to experience your true strength and greatness
  • wish to make positive life shifts
  • are interested in spirituality, self-awareness and a shift into a higher state of consciousness

contact me, and I can help you to discover and follow your divine life purpose.

This sacred work will transform the way you see yourself and how you live!

I look forward to offering you profound assistance, and to accompanying you on your own journey of self discovery and spiritual growth – from heart to heart!

May you be touched by the Divine Love and Light!

Sigrid San’Qwin

Transformational Teacher, Energy Healer and Transmitter of Love, Light & Harmony

You can’t just wish for a better life,
you MUST go out there and create it.

Joel Brown